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Elton Private Hire Ltd

01832 238 230

Terms and conditions:

Our relationship with our customers is based upon trust and as such we do not take deposits upon booking. However in some circumstances we may deem it necessary that a deposit is required.

When a return transfer is booked, payment for at least half of the total should be paid upon completion of the outward transfer.

Payment for any journey provided by us should be paid upon completion unless it is for an account customer whereby we will forward an invoice. Our invoicing payment terms are 7 days.

Where invoices remain unpaid we will follow the advice given on the GOV.UK website. Charges and interest will be added at the advised rate.

Cancelled bookings:

In general we do not charge a cancellation fee however if the booking is cancelled in the final 24 hours prior to the journey then we reserve the right to make a charge.

If we arrive at any arranged meeting point for collection of passengers and the journey does not take place for reasons that are the responsibility of the passenger, then FULL payment will be required.

Examples of reasons are: Forgotten to cancel the booking, Incorrect date given for flight arrival, missed flight.

Change of booking:

On an occasion where an inbound flight has been delayed or for other reasons your arrival is not at the original time provided when booking, we will always do our very best to provide a driver for the new arrival time but there maybe an occasion where we cannot provide a vehicle or driver due to other commitments. This isn't because of our customers not being our priority but purely based upon logistics of vehicle and driver movements.

Soiling charges:

In the event of spillages of any kind we reserve the right to charge an appropriate cleaning fee.

Additional charges:

Any additional charges incurred ie: extra parking charges due to extra time taken for unloading or loading at pick up and drop off points, parking charge penalty notices received after stopping at the request of passengers, are all chargeable to the customer.